March 2014 - Vaporizer Headquarters

Searching for the perfect vaporizer

We have been on the search to find the best vaporizer for the money, and we have it down to a select few devices that have really stood out from the crowd in the grand scheme of things. These following vaporizers have been reviewed thoroughly and have caused a great deal of admiration throughout the... Read More »

Where To Find A Cheap Marijuana Vaporizer

There are many different places online that one may begin looking in order to locate and purchase a cheap marijuana vaporizer.  So many different online stores have popped up within the past few years and a lot of them have great coupon offers that will allow you to save a great deal of money on... Read More »

Should You Start Smoking Cannabis?

Many people are now with the fact that a large percentage of Americans smoke cannabis in the privacy of their own homes as well as directly in plain sight out in public. This phenomena is extremely unique considering that this would have caused a public outrage only 50 years ago. Our society has made great... Read More »