Snoop Dogg’s New Venture

Snoop Dogg is a media icon and an all around rap entrepreneur who has branched out from being known as the ‘bad boy’ that loved and admired back in the days of EasyE, Dr. Dre, and NWA when he was accused of committing a murder and was arrested, charged, and tried in a court of law where he was eventually found not guilty by way of jury trial. He wrote a song about the whole murder accusation and the trials outcome titled “Murder Was The Case”, in which he goes into grapic detail about the whole situation from his perspective. The song went on to be a hit record, and garnered Snoop Doggy Doggs (as he was known at that time) instant street cred and popularity.

Whilst at the height of his music career Snoop decided to try his hand at acting, starring in multiple hollywood films, all with varying degrees of success. No matter what movie he was in though, people always seemed to love the persona or the attitude that Snoop would exhibit. He played a variety of different types of characters, one of the most memorable being a handicapped crack cocaine dealer in the Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke blockbuster ‘Training Day’. One type of role that Snoop plays a lot is the ‘Fuck Da Police’ ghetto, disrespectful smart mouth Snoop, and another he is fond of is the really cool and laid back persona, where he is laughing and cheesin at everything, with red bloodshot eyes, and you can clearly tell that he has been smoking some really potent weed. Thats also something Snoop Dogg is famous for, he smokes a LOT of REALLY good weed.

A lot of rappers and other media personalities have tried to add their likeness, characterization, or persona to something related to the marijuana industry. Some rappers, like Lil Wayne for example, have their own brand of blunt wrap tobacco papers. Others, like Cheech and Chong, have made glass pipes with their likeness imprinted on them and even WAY back in the day when Cheech and Chong had an actual vinyl record (in the seventies) that they sold they actually came with a huge rolling paper the size of a piece of notebook paper so that you could roll a joint like they always did in their infamous movies. Well, Snoop Dogg has taken this concept to the next level in an extreme, awesome way; embracing brand new technology and fusing it with a trusted weed connoisseur’s name that we have all come to love and respect. Wait for it… Drum roll please… ‘The Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer’. There you have it folks, the biggest, most bad ass product to ever fuse together weed and hiphop since listening to ‘The Chronic’ by Dr. Dre and smoking a blunt of those good Reggies we all loved so much when we were teenagers. I don’t want to spoil all the details, but trust me when I tell you, its ALREADY huge, you are pretty much the only person who doesn’t know about how amazing it is, but when you find out… You will be more amazed than you ever have before, and I know this because I saw an alien first hand, and I don’t mean the illegal kind, I mean the interplanetary kind. And I was STILL amazed when I found out.

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