Should You Start Smoking Cannabis?

Many people are now with the fact that a large percentage of Americans smoke cannabis in the privacy of their own homes as well as directly in plain sight out in public. This phenomena is extremely unique considering that this would have caused a public outrage only 50 years ago. Our society has made great strides in social activities that relate to these problems, and we have seen great advancements in the core beliefs of our nation at it’s core. We have come to understand these people in our society as risk takers, believers in going against authority for your god given right to experiment with your own consciousness and dive deep into these alternate states of reality. Whether or not you agree with this viewpoint on life, you have to admit that there are a wide range of uses for the cannabis plant and we should be taking advantage of them as a society.

Many cannabis users have now proclaimed that it was in fact peer pressure that convinced them to take their first hit, and it’s no wonder why seeing the current state of affairs within our society regarding teens and all of the things that go along with that. The teenage world is extremely different from the adult world, and the children’s world is totally separate from the other two as well. We need to seek to explore these internal realms so that we can lead a path of self discovery and personal understanding that you can’t get without experimenting with these powerful, mind altering substances such as marijuana.

Many marijuana smokers now consider the fact that weed is legal in states such as Colorado a free invitation to begin smoking out in public without trying to hide the fact that you are consuming an illegal substance on a federal level. The federal government has not yet permitted the use of marijuana and the companies who are making a great deal of money from this cash exchange cannot put the money into the banks because they are not allowed to accept this money according to federal law. If the banks were to accept this cash that is being made from marijuana it would be considered money laundering and would be punishable by fines or actual jail time. Marijuana companies who are reaping great profits from the Colorado pot rush have to do all of their business in cash, and must keep a safe on the property for added security. There is no better target for a criminal enterprise to go after than a business that operates strictly in cash and also has drugs. This fact has made marijuana businesses dramatically increase security measures as to prevent break ins and other related criminal activities. Shop owners have installed advanced security cameras and other anti theft devices in an attempt to ward off would be criminals and keep their operations running smoothly without any outside interference. These business owners are keeping a watchful eye over their operations because they know that even one slip up of not paying attention could potentially lead to a catastrophic disaster. It’s no wonder that these shop owners are so paranoid, wouldn’t you be as well?


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