Why Vape?

There are many traditional pot smokers who refuse to make the jump to using a vaporizer and they are constantly asking what are the benefits and why should I use a vaporizer.  We have compiled this small list of benefits so that smokers may have a reference point for the many great positive aspects of choosing this method of herbal consumption.

1) Less smell – Vaporizers produce a lot less of a fragrance when compared to traditional smoking methods which makes for an all around more pleasant experience for all people involved.

2) Less harmful byproducts – A vaporizer produces a lot less harmful substances then typical combustion methods, and this is the main reason why so many people choose to use one in this modern time period.

3) Convenience – Using a portable vaporizer can be an extremely convenient activity, and these compact devices can be whipped out and concealed at will so it makes it even more desirable for people to go ahead and purchase one.


Overall, using a vaporizer to consume your marijuana is extremely smart and everyone should be taking advantage of these great benefits.  Smoking with a vaporizer can provide you the convenience and free time that you need when operating these complex devices.

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